UNH TV: Estimating Costs for a Digital Sign (as of January 2019)



Installing a digital sign in a UNH location to provide the latest information on events, schedules, awards, staff appreciation, social media campaigns or public service announcements can be a great addition to a public space. There are a few considerations, and price is one of them. The upfront costs can seem daunting but often once the sign is in place, it will be an information kiosk for years and years.


Rough idea of costs (created 1-3-19)




Initial cost


Flat panel display -Panasonic

LCD TV either HD or 4K


Replace every 6 years. Consider a replacement fund set-aside of $x/6



HD displays

55".  ~ $1056

43" ~ $532

65" ~ $1658

65" interactive ~ $2922


4k displays

55" ~ $1150

43" ~ $783

65" ~$1724



Media Player

Lenovo USFF


Replace every 3 years


Carousel 7.5x



Service Level Agreement with Academic Technology to manage and care for players, etc.  

Provides channel set up, support, training, imaging, software updates when they become available


$220 annually per player

If your project is an addition to an existing facility and not new construction, you may have these costs to consider as well









Mount Display / Backbox




Install Network / ongoing


$13.65 x month


Install Electrical outlet











For more information email academic.technology@unh.edu


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