Xtender: Text Search through Query Results

This tip is for anyone using the web version of Xtender and who would like to search for a specific word contained within the documents you retrieve in a query.

There may be times when you need to search for a word in documents that are saved in Xtender. To do that, you can use the Text Search option on the Query Results screen.

Note: This search is used after you have done a query for documents. It searches through any PDF documents in your query results.

To search for a word within the query results documents:

  1. Run your query
  2. On the Query Results screen, enter the word you are searching for in the Text Search box and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    text search box
  3. The Text Search results screen appears, with a list of any documents which contain the word you searched for.
    text search results
  4. To view a document, click the page number to open the document in a separate browser tab.


For more tips on using Xtender, search for Xtender right here in the UNH IT Knowledge Base.

If you have questions, please complete an online Document Management technical support form at https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=131 or call the IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242.


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