UNH IT Depot Services: Hardware and Software Support Grid

 UNH IT opened the IT Depot in the MUB.  The UNH IT Depot is located in MUB 213A, across from Granite Square Station Mailing Center. The IT Depot is currently open Monday through Friday, 12:00 to 4:00 PM and will facilitate hardware repairs, provide basic computer diagnostics, assist with consulting on technology purchases, and provide some software services for a fee.

Computer warranty repairs will no longer be managed on-site. For faculty and staff, warranty repairs will be handled by Connection. To protect university data stored on devices sent out for repair, computers must be encrypted prior to going to Connection. 

For student and non-warranty repair services, the following support grid contains information on where devices will be routed for repair: 

UNH IT Depot Services: Hardware and Software Support Grid as of January 2021. Subject to change.








Other Model Support


Mobile Device Support




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