Why do I have to change my security code twice to access features of my AVST voicemail account?

When your account was created, an email was sent with instructions to setup your account. If you did not complete the account set-up process, meaning completing all the set-up steps and waiting until you heard "Congratulations.", then your account is still awaiting initial setup.  In this state, you will always be prompted to change your security code every time you log in over the phone.


Elements required to finish initial account setup:

  1. Set your security code
  2. Record your name
  3. Record your greeting

To complete the set-up process, call 2-4444 from on campus or (603) 862-4444 from off campus and then dial # followed by your account extension and security code.  If you cannot do that because you’ve forgotten or lost your last known security code, or your account is locked

  1. Goto Telecom’s self-service website https://telecom.unh.edu 
  2. Under the Home tab, press the button labeled "Reset Voicemail Password for XXXXX" 
  3. Follow the emailed link to complete the security code reset 
  4. When setting this security code on the website, note that you will prompted to change this again when accessing the voice interface, if your account is still awaiting initial setup.


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