What are the options for managing messages in a Secure Account on AVST voicemail?

Task: Secure Accounts are slightly different from normal Group Accounts or Individual AVST accounts.

  • For Secure Accounts, messages are stored on the AVST Voicemail server instead of in Exchange.  You can dial into the server (2-4444) and listen to those messages.
  • Unlike other local AVST accounts, the AVST server will not forward email messages with attached .wav file to the owner(s) of the account.  Instead, an email will be sent by default to simply notify that a new voicemail message has arrived.  You must then retrieve the message.
  • Speech-to-text transcriptions are not an option for Secure Accounts. 

Please note that messages live on the AVST server and turn on/off message lights based on whether the messages have been read/unread.  The read/unread status of notification emails does not affect the read/unread status of messages, or the message light.  Contact us for assistance on the UNH Telecom site using the "Questions and Estimates" request form.


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