What are the options for managing messages in a Group Account on AVST voicemail?

​​Task: For Group Accounts, messages are stored on the AVST Voicemail server instead of in Exchange.  You can dial into the server and listen to those messages.

  1. The AVST server also forwards email messages with attached .wav file to the listed owners on the account or a designated email destination.  Telecom has made every attempt to preserve existing forwarding rules from Exchange Unified Messaging.  Contact us to audit or alter your forwarding rules.
  2. You can also set up speech-to-text transcriptions for your Group Account.  This can point only to one UNH email address. 

Please note that messages live on the AVST server and can be forwarded via email off the server.  Those messages forwarded off the server are not synchronized with the group account on the server.  This means that the "read" status of an email does not trigger a change with the message light.  Conversely, if you call in and listen to your messages, it does not trigger the forwarded emails to change from unread to read.  The phone interface, web interface and message light are in sync with each other.  Depending on how your group wants to handle messages is the tricky part. 

Telecom can help by completely disabling message light indicators, changing forwarding rules to point to public folders or distribution lists, assisting with setting up speech-to-text, or changing email settings to notifications, rather than delivery of actual .wav files.  Contact us for assistance on the UNH Telecom site using the "Questions and Estimates" request form.


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