Teaching Evaluation Software (Blue) - DIG Overview

Purpose: This article is intended for Teaching Evaluation (TEV) Coordinators and will instruct the user on the Data Integrity Gateway process. The article includes basic instruction on understanding the DIG interface. New TEV Coordinators will find this helpful to understand this process.

Intended Audience:  College DIG Coordinators
Environment:  Blue Teaching Evaluations

Scope of Article: DIG coordinators will need to access the application in order to verify and review information regarding courses that should/Shouldn't be evaluated.


The Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process is done in order to ensure the most efficient evaluation of teaching. It is done prior to students being invited to participate in teaching evaluations. This process is done to make sure the correct instructors for the correct courses are being evaluated.

What you should be reviewing in DIG?

  1. Confirm that all the expected courses are listed in DIG. If not, please complete the Teaching Evaluation Webform right away so the proper courses can be added. NOTE: You will not see all the university courses just the ones for your college. You are not responsible for all the courses shown. Please, only interact with courses assigned to you.

  2. Review/change/add instructor or TA to course assignments.

    1. only instructors assigned to a course in Banner will have an enrollment record for the course in the Blue system, so you may need to add additional instructors or TA's

    2. Adding an instructor/TA after evaluations have begun can result in a lower than desired submission rate as Academic Technology cannot re-open already submitted evaluations

  3. Cross-listing multiple courses- the cross-listing of multiple courses must happen during the DIG process.

  4. Low enrollment threshold for evaluation- courses with 5 or fewer students will not be evaluated.

  5. Changing a course from evaluation yes to no or no to yes.

  6. Set the courses as reviewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About DIG


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