Teaching Evaluation Software (BLUE) - Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) - FAQ

Title:  This article will answer frequently asked questions about the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process for Teaching Evaluations.

Description:  Common questions regarding Blue and the DIG process
Audience:  Blue DIG Coordinators


  • What is the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG)?
    • This process is done prior to the students being invited to complete teaching evaluations. This process is done by a DIG coordinator that each dept/college has designated.
  • I have been given the responsibility of DIG Coordinator, now what?

    • If you do not have an account you will need to request one by logging into the Accounts Management System at accounts.unh.edu. For an introduction to the process please see the DIG Overview . More information will be given before each DIG cycle including in- person training opportunities.

  • Where do I go to log in to complete this process?
    • The web address is https://unh.bluera.com/unh/ . Alternatively, you can go to my.unh.edu and search for DIG. Task is called TEV DIG (BLUE DIG). Choose DIG_Users as the Datasource and click on the DIG under Tasks on the dashboard.
  • Is there anything turned into the dept for the evaluation process?
    • No. This process is entirely online.
  • Once the DIG process has concluded can I go back and update any information?
    • You can request changes be made using the teaching evaluation webform after the DIG cycle concludes and before the students are invited to complete the evaluation.
  • When I log into BLUE evaluations I do not see any tasks. What should I do?
    • This could mean that you either do not have permissions to see the data or that there is not currently a DIG cycle open. If you are a DIG Coordinator for your dept you will receive an email just before each DIG cycle to give you general information about the cycle including dates and how to get help.
  • Cross-Listing Courses
    • Cross listing courses allows each of the courses referenced to be evaluated as a single course.  This may be done if the same instructor is teach each course, if you want each of the courses to be evaluated as a single course.  Note that once cross listed reporting can not be broken out by individual sections, they will all be combined into one report.  If one course does not meet the minimum threshold of 5 students, but is combined with a course that does, the system will use the sum total of the courses cross-listed as the total student count.
    • Courses ending on the same cycle, end of term and listed in the same DIG can be cross-listed.  Courses not listed in a DIG can not be cross-listed in the current DIG.


Need additional help?

Please fill out the Teaching Evaluation Webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Training Calendar.


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