Frequently Asked Questions for UNH Online and Adjunct Faculty

Instructional Design and Development team provides support for online/adjunct faculty who teaches at University of New Hampshire. This FAQs contains information to solve common problems that you encounter.


Q: Who should I contact to get my UNH account set up?

A: Please contact your academic department to get your UNH account set up.


Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?

A: Go to the UNH Account Log in Help page and choose Reset Your UNH Password.


Q: Why I don't see my previous courses in myCourses?

A: Adjunct faculty will be removed from the course once the contract is due. Please use the myCourses web form to request access to previous courses or contact your Instructional Designer.


Q: I am teaching online but I cannot come to UNH campus, where can I go for technical support?

A: You have multiple ways to get help:

  • Submit an IT Question: Submit a question online and receive a response within one business day.
  • Phone Support: Phone support for UNH Information Technology questions. Call (603) 862-4242.
  • You can also use myCourses web form to request specific assistance for myCourses by Canvas.
  • You can contact myCourses support 24/7 with a canvas question either by phone 1-833-665-7258 or chat 24/7 using the help menu on myCourses

The following college and campus have its specific technical support. Click the following links for more information:


Q: If I teach on campus, where can I find information about the class since I don't know anything about UNH?

A: UNH audiovisual team created a interactive web form that you can search for your classroom: provide the campus and building name then you will be able to find detailed information about your classroom that you will be using.


Q: What if I have a student needs special accommodation?

A: Please contact Student Accessibility Services to determine what type of accommodation your student will need.


Q: Will my online students get support for writing?

A: Yes. Please have your students contact UNH Online Writing Lab for more information.


Q: Where can I get support for updating my online courses?

A: Please contact your Instructional Designer if you know who is your ID. Otherwise, contact the Instructional Design and Development team to request assistance. If you are not familiar with Canvas, schedule a one-on-one training with our LMS trainer or attend a training session that fits your schedule.


Q: How can I record a video for my course/ use multi-media in my course?

A: At UNH, Media and Collaboration can help you with media creation or multi-media usage.


Q: I am teaching an undergraduate course and a graduate course at the same time. Is there any way I can combined these two together?

A: Yes. Please follow the myCourses Cross-List/Combine Course instruction in UNH Knowledge Base.


Q: I need to keep my course open for a student who has an incomplete. What should I do?

A: Course extension in myCourses settings or incomplete and request course for only the instructor and specific student. The caveat is that ALL students will still have access to that course through XYZ date. Most students wouldn’t notice or access, however the ability is there. Read myCourses Course Access Post Term FAQ in in UNH Knowledge Base. If this is of concern, the instructor can give the student an incomplete for the course, then myCourses admins could set up another section for each course with the specific student and the designated instructor by using the myCourses web form.


Q: I don't have access to previous course that other faculty taught. What can I do?

A: First, please get permission from the faculty member who originally taught this course. Second, you can use the myCourses web form to either request access to previous courses or have the course content copied into your course shell.


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