What are the security code requirements for AVST Voicemail?

Task: Your AVST voicemail security code must:

  1.  be at least 6 digits long
  2. cannot contain your extension 
  3. cannot contain simple patterns
  4. cannot contain letters
  5. must be changed every six months and cannot reuse recent passwords

AVST group accounts also need to change passwords every 6 months, contact Telecom for assistance via the web form on website: http://telecom.unh.edu . Select  "Make a Request" > "Voicemail" > "Other Voicemail Questions"   Note this is a group AVST account password reset request.

For anyone desiring a secondary AVST voicemail account, please contact Telecom via our web form for information regarding managing that secondary account and PIN requirements.  The web form can be found on our website http://telecom.unh.edu under "Make a Request" > "Voicemail" > "Other Voicemail Questions"    Please include details of your request in the Description of Work text box.



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