Outlook Profile for Mac

Adding a new account can be more simple than creating a new profile.

  1. Click Outlook in the top ribbon and select Preferences
  2. Choose Accounts
  3. In the bottom left click the + (plus) button
  4. Select New Account
  5. Enter your email address and click continue
  6. You might be prompted for a password, once it adds the account click done
  7. Renaming the old account can be helpful for making sure the new one is fully working before deleting it
  8. To delete the old account select it from the accounts menu and click the - (minus) and click delete

Create a New Profile

  1. From finder, open the Applications folder.
  2. Ctrl+click or right click Microsoft Outlook , then select Show Package Contents .
  3. Open Contents > SharedSupport , and then launch Outlook Profile Manager .

Note: rename the old .ost or create a new profile with a different name, this forces outlook to create a new .ost

Rename an existing profile:

  1. Double-click the profile.
  2. Type a new name for the profile.

Add a new Profile:

  1. Click the Create a new profile + button.
  2. Name the new profile.

Change the default profile:

Highlight the profile that you want, access Set the default profile , and choose Set as Default . Restart Outlook for this change to take effect.

After the profile is built you may want to clear the plist

  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to Home > Library > Preferences folder.
  2. Trash the file com.apple.finder.plist
  3. If you are using Mac OS X 10.3 or later, also trash the Finder Sidebar preferences file, com.apple.sidebarlists.plist
  4. Perform one of the following tasks:
    • Log out, then in again.
    • Relaunch the Finder by choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu, selecting Finder, then clicking the Relaunch button.
  5. Empty the Trash.


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