I requested speech-to-text transcripts for my new AVST voice mail account. Why am I not receiving the transcription emails?

Task: To find voicemail transcripts in your inbox

AVST transcriptions are handled by a 3rd party and come to your account via a separate email. Some users are reporting they are seeing these emails in their Junk Mail folder.

To receive these transcription emails in your Inbox:

  1. Find one of the transcription messages in your Junk Mail folder - the sender will be transcription@avst.emailgateway.voicebase.com
  2. Right click on the message and  scroll down to Junk
  3. Choose "Never Block Sender"
  4. You will see a pop-up box saying that this sender will be added to your "Safe Senders List"
  5. Click OK
  6. All future transcript emails will be delivered to your Inbox.


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Fri 7/19/19 6:18 PM
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