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This article provides an overview of the Carousel application, the software behind the TV displays located in buildings in Durham and Manchester. The Carousel software allows you to control the content in a designated area of the TV screen.

NOTE: The Carousel software is used for managing "local" content only. If you wish to broadcast University-wide, follow the current process  - upload content to ORCA TV.

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The Carousel software is available online, and you will need an account in order to access this application. You can follow this link to request an account.

Logging in

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to https://william6.unh.edu
  2. Enter your UNH username and password


After you log in, note the upper right area of the screen. Here you will see your username next to a gear icon. Click on the gear icon for a dropdown menu of support links, as well as the Log Out function.

Have a question? The Help icon to the right of the gear is context-sensitive and will take you to the appropriate help page for any given screen.

In the upper area of the application screen, the orange section displays your default zone, or the area of a TV screen you will have control over. Click on the zone name to activate a dropdown. The dropdown will display any additional zones you may have access to.

NOTE: Most users of Carousel will see only one zone available to them.

Below the orange area is the Main Menu. Here you can choose to create a New Bulletin, manage existing Bulletins, or manage any Media for use in the zone.

Snapshot of Carousel main menu

New Bulletin - This will allow the user to create a new message from a template or upload a new message to the Zone they currently reside in

Bulletins - This will allow users to access messages currently added to the system for this Zone.

  1. From here the user can Use the +New icon which will navigate them to the New Bulletin page
  2. Select a message that has been uploaded to the system to Edit, Copy or Delete the message. 
  3. Users can filter the content using the filters in the middle of the screen. 
  4. Search for Content

Navigate back to the main menu using the "Main Menu" link on the left side of the page

Media - This page allows the user to upload new content to be used in Messages such as Pictures, Video, Audio or Backgrounds.  Uploading new content the users can either drag and drop to the gray Upload Picture area on the page or click "Browse to upload" link to open a windows explorer window to navigate and select files to upload.

For Additional Assistance

Please use the Digital Signage Webform available online or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

Want to learn more?

Additional help on this and other related topics is available during a regularly scheduled Drupal/myPages/Calendar Walk-in/Zoom-in Session. More information, including a complete schedule, is available at https://at-training.unh.edu/apps/ssr?action=course&id=288.


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