Because of Personally Identifiable Information, (PII) concerns, I don't want voicemail/email integration in AVST voicemail. Is there a solution?

Sensitive PII data such as Social Security Numbers should never be collected within voicemail or email. Even if you don't ask for it, people may offer it without knowing best practices. If you might encounter this because of your position, we recommend telling callers not to leave PII in their message.

Also, we do offer different account types including Secure UM accounts which do not deliver voicemails or transcriptions to email. These accounts can notify you via email that you have a message, which you can then listen to via the phone or the secure web interface. If you believe you should have one of these account types, please inquire on the UNH Telecom site using the "Questions and Estimates" request form. Here's more information about AVST's Secure Unified Messaging offering:


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Fri 7/19/19 6:17 PM
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