UNH TV: Local Control User List

Many of the UNH TV Digital Signs on the UNH Durham campus have a (landscape or portrait) region of the screen which is controlled by a local department. 

These Local Control owners may allow you to post your message in their local zone!

The process is:

  1. Request permission by email. Understand that the owners reserve the right of refusal; they may choose to maintain department-only messaging.
  2. Attach your image or video to the follow up email, or create a Box folder for mutual access. Include a schedule (including the schedule in the file name is a good practice e.g. MyCatPicture_8_16_to_9_16_18).

Here are the Owners of Local Control:

Dimond Library Printer Area Kevin Scully kevin.scully@unh.edu
Dimond ATSC Area Marshall White marshall.white@unh.edu
Dimond Library Level G Dimond Marshall White marshall.white@unh.edu
Hood House Second Floor Megan Pardy-Gokcu megan.pardy-gokcu@unh.edu
Holloway Commons Dunkin Donuts Tiffany Williams tiffany.williams@unh.edu
McConnell Hall Susan Dumais susan.dumais@unh.edu
 Morrill Hall  Cindy Glidden cindy.glidden@unh.edu
 UNH Dairy Bar  Steve Pesci  stephen.pesci@unh.edu
Cole Hall Lisa Buchalski lisa.buchalski@unh.edu
Horton Hall Susan Dumais susan.dumais@unh.edu



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