SharePoint: Creating and Managing Online Lists

A list in SharePoint Online is a collection of data that gives you a flexible way to organize items, create calendars, to-do lists, and time lines. Lists support over a dozen types of data you can sort, index, and calculate using internal or external data. A list can also provide calculated columns and import or export external data to other apps. You can create alerts to let you know when something changes. Unlike SharePoint Online document libraries, lists are not created by default when you create a site. With a list you can create various views to organize and display data that best suits the needs of you and your team.



  • Some features are currently only available in class experience. Click Return to classic SharePoint in the bottom left corner of the page to switch to classic experience. To exit classic experience, close all SharePoint windows and reopen.
  • A list can take many forms that depend on the type of information you want to use and share. You can create time lines, calendars, discussion boards, project tasks, surveys and other apps.


Task: To create a list.



Step 1 - Click Settings and click Site Contents, click +New then pick List to create a list on your site.

List option












Step 2 - Type a Name for the list and add a description (optional).

Site Contents










Step 3Once your list is created, you can click Quick Edit to add the most commonly used columns for your content.


Note: you can easily add a column from the Quick Edit screen by clicking + and entering the column title or label. You can also add your data quickly in the spreadsheet like format.

Add columns


Outcome: A list is created that can be customized to 


Task: To create a custom view.

When creating a custom list, you can create custom views based on different filters or sort orders to highlight the data in various ways, all using the same data.

You can export a list to Excel or create a PowerApp. PowerApps are a service for building custom business applications that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile - without the time and expense of custom software development.




Step 1 - At the top right of the list page, change the list view from All Items to one of the custom views.



  • Only a list owner or administrator can manage a view.
  • To save a custom view, click Save view.
  • To manage views on the list setting, click Manage Views.

Rental time option








Outcome: Create, save, and mange custom views.


Task: To managing lists.

The menu at the top left of the list changes with the context of the list. If nothing is selected, all the actions you can do with the list displays, like create a new list item.

When you select a list item, the menu changes to actions you can perform on that item. If you select more than one item, it changes again. If you see ellipses (...) on any menu, click that for even more actions.

View More Options






When building a list, you can add new columns or select the columns to display by clicking the list Add a Column button on the far right side of the column headers.

Create New Lines Of Text










Task: To open the Details pane.

In the Details Pane you can view and edit information about an item, such as properties, recent activity, or how it is shared.

Note: To show or hide the information pane, select a file or folder.



Step 1 - Click Open the Details Pane on the right-hand side of the main menu. Alternatively, right-click a file or folder and select Details.

Step 2 - To close the details window, click Open the details pane again.

Open details pane






Outcome: The details pane opens/closes.


Task: Using SharePoint online lists for applications.

SharePoint Online lists can be used for more than a simple list, choose from apps like: Links, Calendar, Survey, Issue Tracking, Announcements, and other.

New App menu













Step 1 - Click + New, and click App. Use the search box to find an app that fills the task.

Step 2 - Use the search box to find an app that fills the task.

Create new app


Outcome: A list of applications displays.


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