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Task: This article will discuss saving advanced search criteria that you can use over and over again without having to fill in all the criteria, it's all saved under the search name.


Saving Advanced Searches

After searching for and retrieving a list of students, the platform allows you to save the search parameters you used so you may quickly re-run the same search without needing to manually enter in the parameters every time.  

NOTE: Because the platform saves the search parameters, not the list of students, your list of students may change if they no longer meet your parameters. If you wish to save the students whether or not they meet the search parameters, they will need to be added to a Student List.

To save a search, click on the button above your list of students.  It's at the top of the search, next to the title "Unsaved Student Search":

After you click Save, you will be asked to name your search.  We recommend you are as specific as possible, as in the following example:

Once named, click Save Search.  

You have saved the search parameters from the advanced search you just ran.  The students you see on this list might change as their attributes change. For example, in the search above for Accounting Majors between a 2.00-3.00, if John Doe switches majors, he will no longer appear on my list when I re-run this search.  Saving Searches always returns a list of the students that meet your search parameters, it does not save the students themselves. As mentioned above, to save the students themselves, you will need to create a watch list.

Student Lists

In the event you wish to save a list of students and do not necessarily care about their attributes, you will want to create a Student List. A student list is a static group of students that you can continually monitor over time.

To create a student list, run your Advanced Search and return a list of students.  Once you have your list, select all students you wish to add by selecting the gray box next to their name, or by selecting the entire list by clicking on the gray All box. After selecting your students, click on the Actions Menu:

From here, select Student List at the bottom of the list:  You may either add students to an existing Student List or you may select Create New List.

Once you name your list, click Save.  You have saved a static list of students that will not change over time.


Users can expect to understand how to save advanced searches to search specific criteria quicker.

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