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Task: This article is intended for SEL Coordinators. This article describes why a course may not be evaluated and how to update the criteria appropriately.


Evaluate Yes/No

Why is this important?

Some courses will not be evaluated. This depends on what they are coded as such as. Courses that are marked as internship or thesis/dissertation for example do not meet the criteria for student experiences. Decisions about whether or not students within a course will be invited to evaluate may be made by the department. In most cases the type of course and the enrollment number would be counter to protecting anonymity. This video will explain why and how this step is done. Courses that have not been cross-listed and have not met the enrollment criteria of 5 students will not be evaluated. Although many courses have been updated with the appropriate value it is important to make sure that these values match what is expected.

How is this performed?

  1. Log in to Blue.

  2. Click on Review and Publish the Data assigned to you for the current DIG project

  3. Find your course by using the search or scroll through the list

  4. Click on Edit

  5. Scroll down to Evaluate

  6. Choose Yes/No accordingly

  7. Add a reason in the Exemption Override field.  NOTE: This is important for making sure that these changes were done intentionally

  8. Scroll up and click Save


DIG Coordinators will be able to override whether a course will be evaluated or not.

Additional Reading:

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Need additional help?

Please fill out the Student Experiences of Learning Webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Training Website.



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