Creating Rules in Outlook Desktop Application

Note: If you need to edit your current rules see Managing Rules in Outlook Desktop App


  1. Under the home tab click the Rules button the select Create Rule...

  2. Choose Move messages from someone to a folder and then click Next.

  3. You can select various conditions for filtering in this menu.

  4. Click on the words highlighted in blue in step 2 to select customizations like people and folders.

Note: If you would like to filter your emails by what email address it was sent to (for example a school vs a work you must create a rule with specific words in the message header where the specific words are the email address that you want filtered to another folder. You can select this by clicking advanced options after step 1 and then moving to step 4.

With specific words in the message header


To create a rule on a Mac in the Outlook client:

  1. Under the home tab click the Rules button and then select Edit Rules.

  2. Select the + to add a new rule.

  3. Give the Rule a name.

  4. Customize as wanted then click OK.


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