Directed Communication (DC) Express: Send Email

USNH Enterprise Technology Services, offers a community mailing list option, Directed Communication (DC) Express, using the UNH implementation of Mailman. Interested departments can use this service to send email to students participating in their programs.

Send Email to Your List Members

DC Express lists are set up for announcements only so only owners and moderators can send email to list members. Once your list has been set up and configured, simply compose an email and send it to your list address.

For example, if your list is named "COLA.Anthropolgy" then you will send email to:


All members of the COLA.Anthropology list will receive the email, including the list owner and any/all list moderators.

NOTE: Review your messages before sending!

Managing List Members

Need to manage owners and/or moderators, or temporarily add to your pre-configured membership list? See Directed Communication (DC) Express: Managing Subscribers for more details.


Need Additional Help?

Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus. Request Assistance here: Web Form


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