Directed Communication (DC) Express: Administering Your List

USNH Enterprise Technology Services, offers a community mailing list option, Directed Communication (DC) Express, using the UNH implementation of Mailman. Interested departments can use this service to send email to students participating in their programs. See [KB Doc] for overview of this service.

Confirm Your List Setup and Membership

Mailman uses a web-based interface which makes it easy to confirm and/or configure and manage your list.

After list creation, the notification you receive will contain a link to the web-based admin interface along with a password allowing you to log in. Click on the following link to view an example login page:

Once you have logged in your admin interface will be similar to Figure 1 below:

Image of Mailman admin interface
Figure 1


For the most part, your initial list configuration will not change but we recommend you confirm and/or configure the following items:

  • List administrator/owner
    The "List administrator email addresses " field (see Figure 2-1) will list an initial owner or owners. You can also use this field to add other list owners. List owners have full control over the configuration of the list.

    NOTE: Make sure to "Submit Your Changes" if you make any modifications to this field.
  • List moderator(s)
    It is advisable to assign one or more Moderators to your list so that someone other than the list owner can send an email to list members, if necessary. The "List moderator email addresses " field (see Figure 2-2) will show list moderators, if any.

    NOTE: Make sure to "Submit Your Changes" if you make any modifications to this field.

Mialman admin page with fields highlighted.
Figure 2


  • Membership List
    Click on the "Membership Management " link (see Figure 3) and review your Membership List (see Figure 4). Your membership list is created using data from Banner and will auto-refresh daily.

    NOTE: Both the list owner(s) and moderator(s) must be subscribed to the list, and both must have the "mod" box unchecked in order to be able to send email to the list (see Figure 4). See [KB doc] for more on managing membership lists.

Mailman admin menu
Figure 3


Mailman membership list example
Figure 4


  • Save changes/logout
    While working in the Mailman web-based admin interface be sure to hit the "Submit Your Changes" button before moving to another configuration page. When your session is complete be sure to use the "Logout" link (see Figure 5).

Mainman menu snippet
Figure 5

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