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Task: This article is intended for Teaching Evaluation (TEV) Coordinators. This article will describe how to handle course evaluation for a course with low enrollment

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Handling Low Enrollment Courses

The university defines low enrollment as less than 6 students in a course. For more information about this see teaching evaluation policies and procedures.

Consideration for course enrollment in the evaluation process includes verifying if the course can be cross-listed within Blue. If it can and the combined enrollment meets the 6 or greater criteria then it no longer is considered low enrollment.

Survey Options aside of Blue:

Below are some questions to include:

1. Your year, major and (if desired) your expected grade
2. What did you learn in this course, and did it meet your expectations? Why or why not?
3. What aspects of the course were effective in helping you master the material? You may wish to choose a
class session that was most inspiring and discuss why.
4. What aspects of the course would you suggest the instructor reconsider in future iterations? You may wish to
choose a class session that you found less successful than others and explain.
5. Further feedback for the course.


If faculty members would still like to have a course that does not meet the minimum enrollment (6) they can request through their college/department to have an ad-hoc process run to gather information such as a Quatrics survey or other process.  These will not be official but would allow the college/department to gather information.  Exceptions cannot be made through Blue Evaluations for this process.

Teaching Evaluation Software-Blue: How to Import Student Evaluation of Teaching Template

Paper Form:

Faculty can use paper forms if needed.  Your Dean's Office has a copy of a PDF evaluation that you may also use. Please contact them directly for access.


Users will have options to get courses evaluated if they do not meet the minimum threshold of 5 or more students.

Further reading:

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Need additional help?

Please fill out the Teaching Evaluation Webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

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