Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Sending an Email

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Task: To send an email to a selected group of recipients in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).



Step 1 - Select Send in the upper right on the page, this will direct the user to the Send process

  • At this time no additional edits can be made as the email has been approved

Step 2 - Under the Defined Properties page on the left side, the user must define the From Options to specify the email sender and reply to details. Select the appropriate Saved Send Classification from the drop-down list that defaults as Default Commercial

Note 1: Ensure you are on the Saved Send Classification Tab.  Do not use the From Name tab to select an individual user as the sender, this will result in replies not getting properly routed to the appropriate address,  

Note 2: If you do not see the saved send classification details you require, please log a ticket using the SFMC Webform to request it be added. Please include the following information:  From Name:  From Email:  Reply Name:  Reply Email:

Note 3: Do not leave the send classification as Default Commercial this could result in users not receiving your email if they actively manage their SPAM filters or email subscriptions. It also allows users to Unsubscribe if we provide this option they could miss very important directed communications.


Step 3 - Once completed click Next in the upper right

Step 4 - Within the Selected Audience area, navigate using the Blue Folder icon:  Shared Data Extension > UNH >  DC > either expand Ad-Hoc Lists to see your group’s ad-hoc list folder or click on their groups folder to see available lists

Step 5 - Once the user has navigated to the appropriate group they can drag and drop the name from the middle of the screen to the right within the Targeted Area

Step 6 - If needed, multiple audiences can be added to the targeted area.


Step 7 - Click Next in the upper right

Step 8 - In the Configure Delivery Tab, on the left the user can select "send immediately" or "schedule" which will allow the user to select a date and time when the email will be sent by the system

Step 9 - Click Next in the upper right

  • Keep the defaults checked on the right of the screen by doing so it allows the system to track metrics that can be accessed by users in the future

Step 10 - On the Review and Send Tab, do a final review of the following points for accuracy:

  • Email Header Information:
    • From Line displays the expected name and email address
    • Subject Line is correct
    • Preheader (if being used) is populated and correct
  • Email Body:
    • All content appears as expected in Desktop and Mobile view
    • Images are displayed as expected
    • Links are all accurate and working
  • Audience:
    • Name of audience is selected and is as expected
    • Count of Total Targeted recipients is accurate
    • To Review names/emails of Targeted recipients
  • Confirm Tracking is ON

Step 11 - Once the user and any other reviewer(s) have completed a final review the user must check the box "This information is correct and this email is ready to send" before the Send icon becomes active in the upper right

Step 12 - Click the Send icon in the upper right and the email will be queued up to be sent by the system



Your email has been queued up to be sent by the system.


Need additional help?

Please fill out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

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