TDx ITSM Desktops


1. In TeamDynamix, go to the waffle (Applications) menu and click IT Service Management

2. Click on Edit IT Service Management Desktop

3. Click the Edit Layout link

4. For View, select the  33-66% view (recommended)


5. Drag modules* from the IT Service Management list on the left into the columns shown below. Learn more about these queues further below.

Column 1:   IT Service Management / Reports/ My ITSM Queues   My ITSM Tickets

Column 1:   IT Service Management / Reports/ My ITSM Queues   My Missing Resolution Actions

Column 2:   IT Service Management / Reports/ My ITSM Queues   Unassigned Queue: Your Group(s)

Column 2:   IT Service Management / Reports/ My ITSM Queues   Group Queue: Your Group(s)

If applicable:

Column 1 or 2:  IT Service Management / Reports   My Account Request Tasks:  Your Group(s)



6. When complete, click Save and close the window.

7. Click Refresh on the top left of your desktop to see the result.


*Module Notes:

  • You will only see modules for the TDx Groups of which you are a member; your list of modules may be different than others'. 
  • Ignore any modules with <Emulator> in the title.



My ITSM Tickets

These are the tickets for which you are currently responsible. 

If you are listed as the Requestor of a Problem ticket, the ticket will show in this queue until it is marked as Closed.

My Missing Resolution Actions

In TDx IT Service Management, we track Resolution Action - the type of action taken to fulfill a request or resolve an incident. This field helps us identify the type of assistance we're providing to our clients. Learn more about Resolution Actions and how to use this module.

Unassigned Queue: <Group Name>

These tickets are currently assigned to the group and are awaiting individual responsibility assignment. 

Group Queue: <Group Name>

These are tickets are assigned to your group, or have been assigned to your group and then to a person within your group. The queue will show you whether the ticket is Unassigned or to whom the ticket is assigned. This queue is meant to give you a better overall view of your group's work.



In the past, we've used a Reviewer Queue to see tickets across the application that include services a group owns. These queues are still available, but no longer recommended.

There are better (and more accurate) ways to access this data. If you need help creating a replacement for this information, please reach out to the ITSM Ops team.


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