iClicker: Upgrade to current version

Task: This article describes how to update your Clicker software to the most current version 7.27.



Instructors can Edit, Archive, or Delete courses in iClicker when enabling their course in Moble / iClicker Cloud (see Mobile tab in the software).

Open your iClicker software and at the top of the window you will see the current version number.  It is important to keep current with any updates.

Note: You will not lose any student data or polling session when you update the software.  

These instructions apply to any version that you are currently using.  

Steps to Update iClicker

Open your iClicker software.  At the top of the iClicker software you will see the version number. If your software is a previous version, as it is in the image, then you need to continue through these steps. The version you are using maybe different than what is seen in the image, depending on when you last upgraded your software.  You should be using the most current version which is 7.27.

1. Select Help to check for update. 

2. Select Check for Update.  See graphic below.

3. If your software is not the current version 7.27, then the software will prompt you that an update is required and you can start the update. Select Update to start the process.   Notice the message that your class data and settings will not be overwritten.   See graphic below.

4.  The update process will run automatically and takes about 1-2 minutes to fully update.  There are no additional steps you will be required to do for the update.  See graphic below.

5.   Once the update has completed, you will be prompted to re-open the iClicker software.  You should see the version number 7.26 display at the top of the screen.  See graphic below.


Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or REEF app, you can visit the ATSC support desk in the Dimond Library.

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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