Alternate Steps to Make an Approval Decision in TDx Client Portal

Making an Approval Decision in TeamDynamix Client Portal (alternate)

This article covers the steps required for you to make an approval decision on an account request that you received in an email notification.

  1. Open the email with subject line TeamDynamix Service Request #XXXXX: (Review and Approval) Awaiting Your Action
  2. Review the details of the request included in the email just below "Review and Approval"
  3. Once your decision is made, click on the Service Request Title, next to the ID number:

  4. Log In to the TD Client Portal using your UNH credentials (this will only happen if you haven’t already logged in)
  5. Once you’re authenticated, you’ll be brought directly to the Ticket in the Client Portal. Review the details again, if needed, then click on the Approval step title below Current Step:

  6. This will bring you to the final step in this process, where you’ll need to click on the green Approve or red Reject button to make your decision.

  7. Add some notes if you need to (recommended) and click the final Approve or Reject button


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