iClicker: Using Demographics for polling sessions

Task: This article contains a link to a document that provides additional information about using iClicker for polling.


The iClicker software includes the option to incorporate demographics into multiple-choice questions. You will first select the demographics you would like to use and then run a session to gather the demographic data from your class. This demographic data is stored in Clickers and can be applied to your multiple-choice question polling results.

Demographic data is anonymous so you cannot view the results for each student.

Step #1 Select the demographics to use in your class

  1. Select your demographic questions from the default list. You can also modify existing questions or create new questions.

Select demographics from the default list

  1. Open Clickers to the Settings area.
  2. Select the Demographics tab. This lists the default demographic options that area available for you to choose from.
  3. Select the Demographic question on the left, then select the arrow to move it to the Selected Questions.
  4. Repeat to select additional Demographic questions.



View and/or Edit Demographic question

To view the details for the demographic, select the demographic in the left Available Questions list and select Edit. This opens a window which shows the entire question and answer options. You have the option to make changes or use it as is.


Add a new Demographic question

  1. Select the New icon to add a new Demographic question.
  2. Select Save to the question. Make sure you move it to your Selected Questions to use the question for polling.


Step #2 Collect the demographics for your class

After you have selected the demographic questions to ask your students, the next step is to gather the data during class.

1. Open Clickers and select “Start a New Session”.
2. Select the “wheel drop-down” to access the Demographic questions. These are Multiple Choice type questions.
3. Select the option to run all pre-selected demographics or to run individual questions.

  • Run All Demographics – This option will show all the demographics questions that you have selected in the order that they are listed in the questions option when you first selected the questions.
  • Select Demographics Question - This option allows you to select individual questions.


Step #3 Apply the Demographic poll results to in-class polls

The demographic data can be applied to in-class polls during an active polling session. You cannot apply demographics to the polling session after the session is closed.

  1. After running a poll (individual question), select the Results chart and select the Demographics drop down menu.
  2. Select one of the demographic questions to segment the current results.


Need additional help?

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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