iClicker: Faculty instructions on how to set up iCiicker student mobile polling

Task: This article provides faculty instructions on how to set up iClicker student mobile polling for students to use the mobile polling app.


If you would like your students to use the phone app to respond to Clicker questions, then you must first enable the iClicker student mobile polling (formerly known as REEF) option in the iClicker software.

iClicker student mobile app is the mobile polling option integrated with iClicker. Enabling iClicker student mobile polling will allow students to purchase a subscription rather than using a physical iClicker remote. This enables them to answer questions from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is up to each instructor’s discretion whether or not to allow iClicker student mobile polling. If you choose to allow it, then in the iClicker software, select Mobile then "Enable" to setup iClicker student mobile Polling. If you have an existing iClicker student mobile account, sign in with your Email and password. Otherwise, choose "Create Account." It is recommended that you use your UNH Email. Please note that the password you create will be independent of your UNH accounts. See detailed instructions below.


Enable iClicker student mobile

Setup iClicker student mobile app

  1. Open the iClicker software.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Mobile tab. See graphic above.
  4. Select "Enable" to start the process of enabling iClicker student mobile app.
  5. If this is the first time you are setting up iClicker student mobile for students, then select the Create Account option. Use your UNH email for your account.

Enter Course Details

  1. Enter the course details. See graphic below.
  2. Enter the college name by searching the list that appears.
  3. Enter the course discipline that closely matches your discipline.
  4. Enter the course name. Enter the course number and full course name. This is the course name that the students will search on when they add the course to their phone app.
  5. Make sure the course start and end dates correspond with the current semester. The default range will be the current day you enable the Mobile option and the end date is 6 months out from the current day.  Update the dates to reflect the current semester.
  6. Screenshots: The default setting is "Do Not Allow". Using this option allows the student to see the polling questions on their phone app anytime, even if they are not sitting in your classroom during the polling session.
  7. Optional Section: This information is optional. It is display information only on the iClicker student mobile app and is used to help students identify their course. Since they only see courses they are enrolled in and that you teach, then this would be optional.
  8. Select Create to save the information.


Notify your students that you have enabled iClicker student mobile polling for your class. Students will have the option to use a Clicker device or the iClicker student app mobile app. For more information on how student purchase a device or phone app read this KB article iClicker: Purchasing a Student Remote Polling Device or iClicker student app.


Update your iClicker Roster

Keep your iClicker roster current with your Canvas course roster. During the semester add/drop time period and the first few weeks of the semester periodically synchronize iClicker roster as your course roster may change and students will also be registering their devices. The student iClicker student mobile app registrations will not show up in your iClicker gradebook roster until you have conducted a polling session.  Remember to synchronize your roster and their name and points will be assigned to their name.  You should periodically synchronize your roster during the semester to add updates in the iClicker roster.

Check out this article for more information about How to sync your iClicker Classic Roster to include iClicker student mobile Accounts.


Troubleshoot your Gradebook

  • If some of the student names appear in RED, it may be that they have not registered their Clicker device or may be they are using a iClicker student app. The fix is to synchronize the roster again to retrieve their registration from the iClicker student database.
  • Students using a iClicker student app mobile device will only appear after you have conducted a polling session and after you synchronize the iClicker roster.
  • An iClicker message appears that student name is not recognized. This happens when a student has entered their nickname in their mobile registration rather than their full name as it appears in Canvas. You should see an option to select the correct student from list.  Also, notify the student to correct their name in their mobile profile.

Note: Students who are purchasing iClicker student app should enter their full name rather than a shortened or nickname. The student can update their name in their mobile account using the account profile settings. If they edit or change their name in the iClicker student mobile app, then you can Sync Roster to apply the update to the Clicker software roster.

Need additional help?


If you need assistance with your iClicker device or REEF app, you can visit the ATSC support desk in the Dimond Library.


Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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