Management of AirGroup settings

"AirGroup" refers to the functionality in our WiFi environment to organize and direct broadcast traffic.  This is an important function to preserve the stability of the WiFi network.

Examples of devices that rely on broadcast traffic are things like wireless printers, Chromecast devices, AppleTV, etc.  The broadcast traffic is used to announce to the network that the device is present and available for service.  The AirGroup functionality limits who sees those announcements.

Note:  AirGroup should not be considered a security mechanism.   While it affects who sees announcements from a device, it does not stop any other communication.  Enabling other control mechanisms on the device is encouraged.

AirGroup was previously connected based on Username, now is automatically configured based on location. Location meaning to a UNH wireless access point that is local to the device you are trying to connect to the UNH network.

Additional Notes:

Recent version of AppleTV code include other discovery types -- meaning anyone on the same access point as an AppleTV will be able to see its announcements.

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