Events Calendar: Creating Events


The following will guide you through the process of creating events in the UNH Events Calendar.

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  1. Go to and log in with your UNH/USNH credentials;
    NOTE: An account is required in order to be able to log in. See Events Calendar: Request an Account.

    Screenshot of calendar login
  2. Click on the drop-down menu (where your name appears) and choose "Submit Event";

    Calendar image snippet showing drop-down menu

Fill in Event details

  • Post Date (defaults to current date if not otherwise specified)

Event Info

  • Event Title (maximum 80 characters, required)
  • Event Url (optional, typically points to informational web page)
  • Event Description (copy and paste into WYSIWYG editor, create hyperlink(s) as needed)

Event Contact

  • Contact Name (required, but can be hidden from event display)
  • Contact Email (required, but can be hidden from event display)
  • Contact Phone (optional, and can be hidden from event display)

Event Group - Priority

  • Calendar (required)
    • Post into only those calendars that apply. Cross-posting to all calendars is not allowed.
    • NOTE: Upon selection of calendar the new field group Additional Info displays (see below)
  • Event Type (optional, and currently under development - more choices will be available in the future)
  • Campus (required, the location where event is actually taking place)


  • Location (optional, but highly recommended)
    • Choose from the static list of locations in the drop-down, or
    • Type in the location manually (will not get added to the static list)
  • Room (optional, and field appears only with certain buildings - more choices will be available in the future)
  • Location Url (optional, typically points to "directions" page or Google Maps search)

Additional Info

Event Date(s)

  • Click on the "Single Day" button for one-time events
    • Event Start Date (required)
  • Click on the "Recurrence" button for events recurring at a set interval daily, weekly, monthly, or random
    • Event Start Date (required)
    • Recurrence Pattern (choose desired days of the week)
    • Range of Recurrence (number of recurrences or end date)

Event Time(s)

  • Select "Timed event" to set specific start/end times
    • Start Time and End Time are required
  • Select "All day event" when no start/end times are needed

Event Image

  • If you wish to include an image with your event click on the "Add Image" button to begin an image upload
    • NOTE: recommend image size no less 600px wide, total size in bytes less than 1MB
  • Add text for the Image ALT Tag (required). The ALT tag should contain a description of the image.

Additional Event Info

  • If you need to add more information to an event beyond what the standard fields allow, you may use this section
    • NOTE: Content in each field in either the "Custom" or "Tags" sections will display in the body of the submitted event.

Finished and Save/View Event

  • Click on the Save/View Event button to save your event info into a preview page
    • NOTE: this step is for preview only - it does NOT publish your event!
  • Click out of the preview screen
  • Click on the Finished button to submit your event, and then choose either Yes or No to continue
  • Your new event will appear in the appropriate calendar location


Want to learn more?

Additional help on this and other related topics is available during a regularly scheduled Drupal/myPages/Calendar Walk-in/Zoom-in Session. More information, including a complete schedule, is available at


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