Teaching Evaluation Software (Blue) - Data Integrity Gateway (DIG)-Cross-Listing Courses

Task: This article is intended for Teaching Evaluation (TEV) Coordinators and will instruct the user on the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process for cross-listing courses.

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Cross-Listing Courses for Evaluation Purposes (DIG)

NOTE: This is not the directions for cross-listing courses in myCourses. For information on this please see Cross-list/Combine course .

Why is this important?

By cross-listing courses that may have been considered low enrollment these courses then meet the threshold for online evaluation and students in those sections will be invited to evaluate the course. Cross-listing also creates consistency in the reporting.


  1. Is the course being taught by the same faculty member?
  2. Do you want the courses to be evaluated as a single course?
  3. Once courses are cross-listed and evaluated there is no way to report on each course separately.

How to Cross-list courses?

  1. Log in to Blue.

  2. Click on Review and Publish the Data assigned to you for the current DIG cycle

  3. Find your course(s) by using the search or scroll through the list

  4. Click on the edit button for the course you would like to be the main course that all the other courses will be cross-listed with

  5. Scroll down to the Cross-listing field

  6. Choose a main course.

    1. NOTE: It does not matter which course is the main one as long as all the others are cross-listed with it

  7. Type in the course ID (which looks like 201750-51732) into the cross-listing field for the main course

  8. For all the other courses that you would like to cross-list you will need to add this same ID to the cross-listing field

  9. Confirm that all the crosslisted courses are set to YES in the evaluate column, If not update them to YES

  10. Scroll up and click Save

cross-listing course

Cross-listing with other departments

There may be some situations where courses are cross-listed with a department a TEV Coordinator does not have access to in DIG. In this case, it is recommended that department TEV coordinators work together to identify the department that owns the parent course in order to share the Blue course ID necessary for the cross-listing field in DIG. A list of TEV Coordinators and Liaisons for Blue are listed here in Sharepoint: https://universitysystemnh-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/djb1_usnh_edu/ESOBTPInuJVUt6kVAtM7iX0B494tzfb5IP3xEbFDPwikcg


DIG Coordinators will be able to cross list courses within Blue


Need additional help?

Please fill out the Teaching Evaluation Service Request with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Training Website.


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