Using the Scanners in Dimond Library

The Printing and Scanning Center in Dimond Library offers scanners that can be used to create digital files from physical documents that can be send via email, downloaded, or saved to a USB flash drive after scanning. Scanners are located on the main (3rd) floor of the library, near the printers and printing stations.

Scanning your document:

  • Touch the screen to begin
  • Select your preferred method of receiving the document after that are scanned:
    • "Email" -- sends an email with the document
    • "USB" -- allows you to save document to a USB flash drive (if this method is chosen, you must insert a flash drive before you begin scanning)
    • "Smartphone" -- presents a QR code after document are scanned that links to a download for the document that can be read with a smartphone’s QR reader (in order to use this method, you must have a QR reader installed in the device to which you will download the documents)
  • After selecting a destination for the document, specify the scan settings and then select "Next"
    • Document can be scanned in color, grayscale, or black & white, in either standard or high quality
    • Supported output file formats include PDF (viewable by Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer) and Word document (able to be opened in Microsoft Word)
  • Select "Scan" to scan and preview your document
    • On the "Scan" screen, it is possible to perform edit functions such as rotation and crop
  • Once your document is scanned, select "Next"
    • If "Email" was selected for the document destination, enter your email address and select "Next"
    • If "USB" was selected, ensure your documents were saved properly
    • If "Smartphone" was selected, scan the QR code that appears with your smartphone’s QR reader app, and then download the file

Please note: Several documents can be scanned in one instance rather than having to complete the entire process for each individual document

Go to the ATSC (Academic Technology Support Center) on the main (3rd) floor of Dimond Library if you have any questions or issues with the scanners.


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