Outlook: Using the Global Address List in Outlook Desktop App - Windows


There may be times where it is necessary to download a copy of the Global Address Book (GAL) for your institution.  This article will walk you through the process of doing so.

Changing the Default Address List

  1. On the Home tab, select Address Book

  2. In the Address Book window that opens, select Tools > Options

  3. Under the When opening the address book, show this address list first, select the name of the address book you would like to be select as default.

  4. Click OK

Downloading the Global Address List

  1. Go to File - located in the top left of the client.

    How to find File Information

  2. Select Account Settings > Download Address Book

    Finding Account information in Outlook Desktop App

Finding Offline Address Book Options

Request an update to the Global Address List in Outlook:

  1. Article - Updating Your Campus Direct... (unh.edu)

The Global Address List in Outlook for PC uses icons to indicate what the entry you are looking at is. This can be a quick way to tell whether you are emailing a mailbox, a Public Folder, or an external contact.


Entry in Address List Icon in Address List Description Icon in Address List
User Mailbox or Shared Mailbox One Person OnePersonIconInAddressBook
External Contact One Person Standing in Front of a Globe OnePersonInfrontOfGlobe  
Distribution Group/List Two People Standing Next to Each Other Icon for Distribution Group  
Room A Door door Icon for Room Resource  
Resource A Projector Screen ResourceIconOutlook  
Room A Door Public Folder Exchange Icon  


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