Access Public Folders in Outlook Desktop Application

These instructions apply to Desktop Applications for Outlook 2013 and newer. If you are looking for instructions on using public folders with an older application it is strongly encouraged you upgrade Office to 2016 or Office 365 ProPlus. Older versions of Office will not receive security updates from Microsoft and are vulnerable to malware and viruses

Access a Public Folder on Windows

  1. Go to the "Folders" section of Outlook by clicking the ellipsis at the bottom of the window and choosing "Folders"

  2. Expand the "Public Folders -- YourEmailAddress" folder in the left hand column. 

  3. Either expand the "Favorites" folder if you have previously Favorited the folder or navigate through the hierarchy to your public folder

  4. Clicking on your Public Folder will allow you to access the contents

If you are unable to access or find the Public Folder, you may not have permissions to access it.  Ask an Owner of the Public Folder to add permissions for your account

Quick Access a Public Folder in Outlook Desktop Application for Windows

Adding a Favorite under Public Folders - YourEmailAddress

Right click on the public folder and choose "Add to Favorites" to add the Public Folder to the "Favorites" sub-folder of "Public Folders - YourEmailAddress"

Access a Public Folder on Mac

1) On the Tools menu, click Public Folders
2) In the left panel, under Public Folders, click the Exchange account that you want
3) A list of public folders appears

  • Mail folders are represented by the Public address book icon
  • Folders to which you are already subscribed are displayed in bold.

4) Click the folder that you want to subscribe to, and then click the Subscribe Add button
5) The subscribed folder appears in the navigation panel under Subscribed Public Folders
6) To view the contents of the folder, click the folder in the navigation pane

Messages or contacts in the folder appear in the item list. Or, if the folder is a calendar folder, events appear on the calendar.


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