Canvas: Create and use Groups for assignments in your course


This article describes how to create Groups and use groups for assignments.

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You can organize your students into groups in your Canvas course to allow them work together on group projects and assignments. You can either randomly or manually assign the students to the groups or enable the option for students to self-enroll.  Once you have the students setup in their groups you can then assign these groups to an assignment or discussion activity.

A separate group page is created for each group which allows students to have their own online group meeting space. This space includes collaboration tools such as Announcements, Discussions, Pages, Files and Collaborations.  The instructor can access each group by going to the course People/Group page and select the group menu option to Visit Group Homepage or in the Discussion forum select the group link.

Students are added to your course 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.  Once the students are in your course, you can create the groups and add the students.  If students add your course after you've created the groups, then you'll have to assign the students to a group.  For additional detail How to manually assign students to groups

If you have an assignment that requires group participation, create the groups first and then create the assignment or discussions.  One of the fields on the Assignment is to check the option to enable Group Assignment. This enables the option to select the Groups.  Read this article for additional information about assigning the assignment to a course group.   How do I assign an assignment to a course group?

Read about Groups at the Canvas support site  What are Groups in Canvas?

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