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myUNH Portal - Creating & Organizing your Own Bookmarks

This article will cover the process of creating and saving your personal bookmarks to the myUNH portal. This will allow users a single page they can customize and store any and all bookmarks regardless if they are specific to UNH or not.

myUNH Portal - Personalize-Customize your Portal

This article will walk users through the process to personalize/customize their portal page so it works best for them to organize and find bookmarks/tasks.

myUNH Portal - Submitting Feedback

This article describes how to submit feedback on the portal to the administrators that will allow them to account for any enhanced or missing functionality.

myUNH Portal - Communications Standards Policy

This article will link users to the Communications Standards Policy for UNH.

myUNH Portal - Search...Click..Done!

This article will outline the basic use of the myUNH site

myUNH Portal - Tasks and Task Centers

Tasks are the icons contained within the myUNH portal. This article will discuss how to create and group them. Not all users have this permission.