Articles (5)

iClicker: Purchasing a Student Remote Polling Device or iClicker student app

This article describes where and how a student purchases the clicker device and/or a iClicker student app to use for Clicker polling sessions during class.

iClicker: Student iClicker registration instructions

This article contains instructions for registering an iClicker device from your MyCourses Course page.

iClicker: iClicker student app used by students for polling - video about how to add a course

This article describes how to add a course to your iClicker student app

iClicker: Student iClicker student app (mobile app) registration instructions

This article will walk you through step by step how to register for the iClicker student app (mobile app) as a student.

iClicker: Student Troubleshooting Guide

This article is a student troubleshooting guide for using iClicker remote device and an iClicker student app at UNH.