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Pinned Article Technology Help Desk: In-Person Service Hours

The Technology Help Desk provides phone and ticket support, 24/7, year-round including holidays.
This article lists hours for the Technology Help Desk In-Person Walk-Up service on each residential campus.

FAQs for Graduating and Departing Students

This article contains frequently asked questions for graduating and departing students regarding access to IT resources.

Finding MAC Address on Apple Mac Computers

This article displays how to find your MAC address on an Apple Mac computer.

Finding MAC Address on Microsoft Windows Computers

This article shows two methods for finding the MAC address on a Microsoft Windows device.

How to Clear your Web Browser’s Cache, Cookies, and History

This article shows how to clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history. When you're busy surfing the web, doing research for a paper, or simply watching the latest Internet sensation, your web browser often stores information from the websites you visit, so that when you visit that site again, it will load faster. This information is stored in what is called a "cache" within your Internet browser.

IT Guide For Working Off Campus (Home or Traveling)

This article acts as an IT guide for working off campus and contains information about protecting your passwords and data when doing so.

Laptop: Resetting a Dell or Lenovo USB-C Dock

This article has instructions to try if your Dell or Lenovo USB-C/Thunderbolt dock is acting strangely.  We have found that a hard reset for Dell/Lenovo USB-C/Thunderbolt docks resolves MOST issues if there's something strange happening with the dock.

Mapping PSU Network Drives - Windows

This article includes instructions for mapping PSU network drives on Windows if you are on-campus with a PSU-owned computer (including lab computers), off-campus with a PSU-owned computer, or a Personal computer.

PSU IT Depot Labor Rates

This article includes information about PSU IT depot labor rates.

Setting up a Cable TV and Scanning for Channels

This article describes how to properly set up your cable television and scan for channels. This will be a general way to scan for channels on televisions. The methods may vary depending on the brand and which model you are using. Please use this article as a base for scanning for channels.

Staff and Faculty: How to update Apple devices (MacOS) after changing or resetting your password - all campuses

This article has instructions for how to update your university issued Apple Mac computer after you set a new password. This applies to all campuses.

Staff and Faculty: How to update Windows devices after changing or resetting your password - all campuses

This article shows how to update a university issued Windows device after changing or resetting your password. This applies to all campuses.

Student Technology Checklist

Enterprise Technology & Services supports your use of technology at Keene State College, Plymouth State University and the University of New Hampshire. This article provides a checklist for items to do and know and is arranged by semester.

USNH Equitable Access to Technology

This article has information about USNH's resources for equitable access to technology, and additionally includes PSU and KSU resources.